notsomuch USELESS facks. part 1 of infinity and beyond! 💬

A small bit of background to start. notsomuch useless facts POSTS will be almost like a list. I say almost because, once you see the lists, you’ll see that sarcasm MUST be acknowledged. You may want to take some notes so that at the next game night with your friends, you can ‘run the table’Continue reading “notsomuch USELESS facks. part 1 of infinity and beyond! 💬”

flip the skript *switch up your end game

So your REAL best friend, your good friend, your husband or wife, your boyfriend or girlfriend, and your sister — all walk into a bar…🙃 heh. Anyway. What is it EXACTLY that all those folks up there in the top line have in common? Exactly. Hint? or did you figure it out? In common…NOTHING. Yea NOPE.Continue reading “flip the skript *switch up your end game”