flip the skript *switch up your end game

So your REAL best friend, your good friend, your husband or wife, your boyfriend or girlfriend, and your sister — all walk into a bar…🙃 heh. Anyway. What is it EXACTLY that all those folks up there in the top line have in common? Exactly. Hint? or did you figure it out?

In common…NOTHING. Yea NOPE. Each one of them knew a different you. Your disagreement is falling on deaf ears. Not because I’m smarter than you, cause i am, but because I’m right. Got sidetracked there. If i had $100 for every time i got distracted I still believe in the Easter rabbit.
Picking up the train and putting it back on the tracks.
Circling back to front…One of THE answers we’re all looking for – one of the answers to a successful relationship, marriage, whatever – FLIP the skript on your END GAME.
Be it friends, lovers, or partners (not relatives), what attracts you to them – bring you together – is SAME. It’s the ‘sexual’ attraction. Yep. Just stop and think on it a minute. Because you actually SEE it written in dating site profiles, I’ll use THOSE words. 
Whether it be sex, romance, or physical, the “what am I looking for?” sentence is this: ‘Looking for love/partner but if i don’t find my person, the love of my life, I WILL find a new friend.’ And there it is. There’s the rub.
Try THIS flipped skript instead: “I’m looking for a friend, but if i don’t find that, i might find the love of my life.” Well…you know what I mean. 
STOP. Now think on it for a second or 2. Or 3 or 4.
Ami right, or am i right?

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