notsomuch USELESS facks. part 1 of infinity and beyond! 💬

A small bit of background to start. notsomuch useless facts POSTS will be almost like a list. I say almost because, once you see the lists, you’ll see that sarcasm MUST be acknowledged. You may want to take some notes so that at the next game night with your friends, you can ‘run the table’ on facks! so with no further ado….let’s get SERIOUS!

A Flamboyance? A Flamboyance is the name for a group of flamingos. How bout a group of pugs? The dog you know? They’re called a grumble. You know what that metal piece on your HB pencil that tends to get chewed up? It’s called a ferrule! Not feral like a cat – ferrule. How bout the sleeve that’s added to your to-go coffee cups to further prevent burning? I like this one! It’s called a ZARF! Funny, narf.

Did ja know, that divot on your upper lip is called a Philtrum? Yes. Yes it is. Sticking with the human body, babies. Our children. Born sans kneecaps. They grow in. One more human-like fack – our children, we call them kids. But they’re NOT KIDS! Kids are baby goats, not baby humans. That thing we often do when we first wake up – children through adult, when we yawn and stretch at the same time…we are pandiculcating! (Spellcheck doesn’t even like that one) The word, actually name Wendy was made up for the book Peter Pan, and one more cartoony fack…The word NERD was made up by the Dr. Seuss in Cat In The Hat.

Animals…and words…A DORK is actually a whale’s penis. (Okay SERIOUSLY NOW! No more whale stuff for a while) More people are killed every year by donkeys, than killed in a plane crash. And I will single out, and finish, with this:

Did you know that a pig’s orgasm, lasts on average 30 minutes! Stop and think about one of your best multiples. An multiply by ummm well a lot to get to 30 minutes! I suck at math.

Quite often truth IS INDEED, stranger than fiction! Only in jaxasms can we smoothly travel from babies to whale penises and on to pig’s orgasms THAT smoothly!

After the first cupple posts, a cupple reader e’s sent emails. Sorta, word of the day, a cupple compliments, mostly, how do I say this, ahh criticisms, maybe a cupple questions in there, if i dig deep. For those who know me – you can attest to “going deep” – notsomuch my forte. (Forte sorta means like wheelhouse or specialty, but all French and stuff 👿)

Getting used to the way (I boldly call it style) I write yet? Whattya thinks?

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