A ‘Housekeeping’ Entry

 I thought on it a bit but came up with nothing. Maybe YOU might have some ideas? Please. Let me know! 

Looking for a BETTER title, hook, or quip than – A ‘Housekeeping’ Entry – Thoughts?!

One more.

Look for the regular weekly post on new days! Entries will be added two times per week – Now on Mondays and Fridays, Look for posts those days, PLUS posts randomly written and published on the other 6 days of the wee, wait what? My maths look off there? Whatever – you get it right!?

A First Swim

A – well…short question to get the train out of the station…In response to the most recent ‘shark’ story. Sounds kinda weird when i say it loud. Annnyway! The email had a name in the FROM box, but it sounds like she – I mean – the writer has done this before…and signed the email “anonymous.” Like I said – despite the ‘name’ issue…Anonymous wrote:

Hi jaxasms. I like the website. It’s small, but its funny sometimes. I wanted to ask you about the sharks in the tank. Why are they in that tank? And why would anyone jump in that tank? And die.

Well Anonymous. Thanks big, from the errr small website. I wasn’t insulted, please don’t be insulted by my response. I will ASSUME that those last two words “And die” were part of the previous sentence, and was just some bad grammar and WAS NOT a threat!

This is the first….So my suggestion, first, is stay frosty but not frozen frosty.

I am hoping you read your email again and wished you could havE corrected the name thing…and maybe asked yourself why did i ask the question like that? You asked WHY all those sharks were in that tank. Ummm.- BECAUSE, surprisingly, no one would let the zoo/aquarium? put the sharks in their swimming pool¿ You are THE FIRST to jump in so you get a medal for daring to do that! It’s kinda too bad that I have to skewer it.

Anonymous. I AM very much alive which means…….say it with me….WHY would you think that I ACTUALLY jumped into a tank filled with sharks?? Gimme a little on the first question! Ima dumb-ass squirrel and WILL DO many a dumb thing. Just not THAT dumb. At least not yet. Shhhhh. Thanks for the dumb question…typed your name there…but my delete works!

Thanks for the …. note -anonymous!.