Knix – NOT a Commercial

AND definitely not an endorsement. That said. I am confident that my questions from the outside are valid, however i’m sure that at least a couple of you fine readers, and a couple of folks over there at Knix will be, at the very least, annoyed.

I see the commercials on TV and online and Knix is selling their ‘period-undies.’ The commercials say that their underpants are ‘The most reliable period-undies.’ And that women are tired of disposables, because they are disposable and they create garbage. Or a line similar to that. The commercial continues and I admit that I can’t recall the words, thanks in large part to the fact I was confused and troubled by the first 10-15 seconds. Now the name alone raised some questions in my squirrel brain, and that statement only perplexed me further. OBVIOUSLY, as a guy, I am not an expert on these sorts of things. Nor have I studied the subject enough (at all) to responsibly make any recommendations. Now the commercial uses the chemistry flask to pour a liquid in the undies, to show (oddly JUST like you’d see in a Pampers or Huggies commercial) that there is no leaking. Now the announcer says that the undies move with a woman’s body while asleep and indicates that women will not have to use those leaky, not working, tampons or pads that have been used for the last 500 years or so.

Think of these last paragraphs as one big question.

As I have already said, I’m a guy, so the intricacies of this might be a bit off. So I have taken directly from the commercial that these undies are to TAKE THE PLACE OF leaky tampons that, again, haven’t worked for the past 500 years. Now, the whole leak-guard Pampers thing to keep leaks in the underpants while sleeping, combined with it’s ability to absorb even more liquid, a woman will be mess-free. Seems reasonable right?

I know nearly every single one of you reading this have changed a diaper on a baby. Leak guard or not, I further assert that no matter how GREAT Pampers or Huggies or otherwise ARE – There’s a def reason WHY the top drawer in the change table, and the front pocket of the diaper bag, contain a product to treat your youngster’s diaper-rash. Am I the ONLY ONE seeing a problem with the plan Pinky and The Brain have come up with here? One last question. Ladies…a diaper?

Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?

Pinky: I think so, Brain, but me and Pippi Longstocking… I mean, what would the children look like?


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