Spinnin’ the Plates – First Part

Usually. This is the introduction part. HOWEVER for this *series* of posts…notsomuch.
Except to state a topic, and suggest a hole – said topic should be buried in.

I know you WILL cringe throughout, but stick with it. The cringes will be fairly short-lived and hopefully we can work together for a common goal – that goal being to PERMANENTLY (wishful thinking) bury the sh!t DEEP in… history.

30,000 foot view: At that level…you don’t see sh!t – just clouds
Game Changer: Pick a game. Pick a game changer. Nothing changed did it? Next…
Agree to Disagree: WHAT? We’re disagreeing right now. GaaK.
Best thing since sliced bread: Sliced bread is great? A bad knock-knock joke is great…
The devil is in the details: Yea. NO! Remember grade school? Math? You were told to ‘show your work.’ Does that mean your math teacher is promoting the summoning the devil down from – err UP from hell?
Beat a Dead Horse: ummm WHY?
You don’t know what you don’t know: GaaaaK! and FVCK!!!!!!!

Finish with a couple similar ones…On the way to Part Too. Yes kids. There’s more to come! Whatever right?

Sh!t the bed, Drink from the Firehose: GaaaaK!

Humans are stupid. Just stupid.

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