2020 – Well…Hey 2021. Can you do a bit better?

2020 sucked…yep. I have both felt and watched the ‘train-2020’ go off the rails. Notsomuch fun as torturous, and honestly I do not want to go back and rehash the garbage year — Nor do I want to give you more of the good that happened and will the good that will happen in 2021. Basically blow smoke up your ass that everything isn’t nearly as bad as you think, or wasn’t as bad as a Patrick Swayze movie on a Tuesday. (Pause here and reread that. It was a tongue and thought twister even in my brain. I’m confused.

So what is this post really about then? Ummm. Nothing. Everything. Bananas. Maybe eggplant? Here’s a list. A list to tease a HUGE list about ‘shame’ to START the new year and, yea…Nothing.

1. SMILE. What the hell else are you gonna do?
2. Odds are NOT in your favour that you’ll survive 2021. Honestly though, it’s NO different than looking ahead to any other year. Your chances of survival are (and were) crappy at best.
3. One dose now and a little for later? Even vaccinations are not going to save our stupid species – if this doesn’t force our own extinction (much like the dire threat of nuclear world war threatened) something ELSE will. Sooner than later.
4. FAKE NEWS. Bullsh!t. Some shoddy reporting YES. But making it up? Not very good indeed but…Don’t buy it.
5. It has ALL been……

Forget it. We’re all goina die. We’re all going to be over-the-moon successful.

WE ARE ALL GOING TO BE, AND DO, WHATEVER WE WILL BE. Try or not try. We WILL be something. Just shut up humans! and just BE.

HAPPY NEW YEAR KIDS! Raise a covid-friendly glass!
2022. Whatever.

What did Nostradamus say? What does the farmer’s almanac say? Cyndi Lauper? Freddy Mercury? Your psychic or the dog catcher?

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