Tolkien’s Hierarchy of Creation

Approx. Read Time3:25 A bit of an ‘off-the-cuff’ rant for a Friday. And you might be surprised where it ends up. I was reading about the relatively new ‘delivery’ services being offered, and used, for just about everything! From pizzas to cars to groceries to condoms, everything is delivered. I get the whole covid thingContinue reading “Tolkien’s Hierarchy of Creation”

You are Blue. You are Yellow

Doublethink is the power, or the ability, to hold two contradictory, or opposite, beliefs simultaneously, AND accept both at the same time.Some of you might recognize that. The ‘doublethink’ part. It was a part of 1984, the book, by George Orwell. I could very easily compare that to the goings on in the world rightContinue reading “You are Blue. You are Yellow”

The Mad Hatter, 3 – From Here On OUT – Called (mostly) a Rant

NEW little ditty – Approximate time it should take you to read the post. I have tried to factor in the ‘confusion factor’ but…. E.T.A. (Time estimate) 2:06 Now this rather long part…That title – up there – I’m not expecting that it made any sense to any one. Looking back MAYBE. All the pro’sContinue reading “The Mad Hatter, 3 – From Here On OUT – Called (mostly) a Rant”