You are Blue. You are Yellow

Doublethink is the power, or the ability, to hold two contradictory, or opposite, beliefs simultaneously, AND accept both at the same time.
Some of you might recognize that. The ‘doublethink’ part. It was a part of 1984, the book, by George Orwell. I could very easily compare that to the goings on in the world right now but i will stick to some not-so-much common sense applications. The book was political, but also spoke to a lot of the basic interactions we humans partake – in.
Doublethink. Trying to be sarcastic about the word – notsomuch – but the ‘idea’? It’s a word used to describe ‘other’ people right? Maybe. But it actually describes what everyone is doing. You included. It’s ALL doublethink. The things you think (no wordpun intended) VS the things you actually do. Not the “I’m going to win the lottery and move to France” in the morning VS “Nope. No lottery. Guess I’m not moving afterall” in the evening.
It IS the claim you made to your friend in the morning that you hated seafood, yet called your friend at about 8pm that night after you returned home from a fish and chips dinner at the corner pub.
Doublethink. Accepting two opposite beliefs simultaneously. NOT calling it a LIE – because it IS POSSIBLE, that in the moment, you actually DID believe both. The things you think (you hate seafood) VS the thing you do (Go for pub style fish and chips) You CAN believe that fish is NOT seafood, because you like it.

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