Tolkien’s Hierarchy of Creation

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A bit of an ‘off-the-cuff’ rant for a Friday. And you might be surprised where it ends up. I was reading about the relatively new ‘delivery’ services being offered, and used, for just about everything! From pizzas to cars to groceries to condoms, everything is delivered.

I get the whole covid thing is the reason for the new services, so that capitalism can remain supreme, but we humans have taken McDonalds convenience to absurd levels. Take that car dealership where you buy your vehicle online and it is delivered to a vending machine in your city. You get a key or a coin or something in the mail and head to the vending machine to collect your new car. Cute. The many car sales businesses offering delivery of the car you bought/financed online. Even car servicing garages and the like. They pick your car up and bring it back when the oil change is complete. Like I said – what’s being delivered ranges from the absurd to the absurd. We have gotten SO good at shopping online and having the goods delivered, that the concept is so acceptable – and thus – applies to dating?

Yes I am admitting here ONLINE that I partake in online dating. I tried it a decade ago and that, was successful. I just chose wrong. BUT it worked well for many.

So when I went back to it recently I was expecting similar – this – the reason we humans are generally not allowed to have nice things – got screwed up too. It has turned into an elementary school’s day field trip going to a secondary school dance – followed by a rave, unsafe (sans condom) sex, and tonnes of underage drinking. It’s like shopping for items at the dollar store

Went down the rabbit hole there.

The internet, like your old school, has done this – essentially Tolkien’s Hierarchy of Creation: literally DIVIDE ITSELF UP into ‘the dum and uncool’ group – the slightly smarter group of misfits – and the popular kids.

I guess this whole post comes down to a question for you. (I’m sure as all hell being our basement – I have NO IDEA the answer.) WHY? Is the question. Why do ALL humans slot themselves into these groups? Just take a look at your workplace, the grocery store, and even your family. It’s the same. But why?

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