it’s useless as stüff – The Estrogen Edition

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Let’s just jump – LADIES! I’ve heard it many a time – Girls are better than boys. I just want to add a caveat of sorts… Even at so-called ‘boy stuff.” 

Hey! Grrls see more colours than boys can and have more tastebuds too.

Some stats:

Roughly 93 – 97% of pregnant women are pregnant. If you need to read that again – well I had to read that one a couple times too, before repeating the absurd stat here.

Roughly 6 – 10% of incarcerated women are incarcerated. NO TRUTH IN THAT STAT! Actually 6 – 10% are pregnant.

Every 90 seconds a woman dies in childbirth.

It’s been calculated (I don’t know BY WHO) that the ‘average?’ woman will eat about 4 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime.

Ladies’ sense of smell is better than the dumb boys. (AND actually smell better too) 


The three highest IQ scores EVER – Yep Girls have both #1 and #2. A DUM boy picked up the third spot.  

So guys… The grrrls rock and the boys kinda suck! Bet on the women Every. Single. Time

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