Only Two Words?

Couple Hours EARLY. Still, here it is.Two words. Two words. Yes. TWO. DIFFERENT. WORDS. In this particular instance, darnned near opposite words. But you know something? You are correct – You. Don’t. Obviously. 

I know it’s nearly impossible to believe – that with only 26 letters (It’s 26 right? It would be mad embarrassing to get THAT wrong right?) That with only 26 letters and like 24 Bajillion words, some WILL undoubtably repeat. SOOOO… I think that words WILL, also undoubtedly, look the same given these restraints. In this example, but not ONLY this example, they look similar AND sound similar. But one (EXCEPT) MEANS that a word is being excluded, and the other (ACCEPT) MEANS you believe or come to recognize an opinion, or explanation, as valid or correct. 

As you can see, and hear, the two words are very different. THEREFORE… With my excited face – you shouldn’t substitute one for the other. It may end up confusing not ONLY you, but confusing  hundreds if not thousands of others far beyond.

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