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Yes, i’ve said this in the past and I am repeating it now – I partake in the online dating universe. Why bring it up again? I heard one of you in the back of the room blurt. Because, as time clunks along, I learn more and more about this rather secret society. First I will address THAT statement and then track a back to the Dating App Pro.

Yes, it IS a bit of a secret society. Mainly because those of us on one or more of these sites/apps – are embarrassed to be there. The vast majority DO NOT share ‘The Adventure in Lots of Sitting’ in this rather PUBLIC form. Neither here nor there. Back to the big league.

As I mentioned already, it is a society where many know many, and it asks and needs very little socially on the outside. You know that racing heart (not the arrhythmia one) feeling you get when you meet someone knew? Well it’s that on a fairly regular basis – and like nearly every other ‘good feeling’ you can self-administer, we humans get addicted. The rules in there are different than they are out (IRL) In Real Life. I’ve got DOZENS of posts worth of ‘stuff’ being a part of that world. As a guy that asks WAY too many questions, and is ‘addicted’ to learning about the un-learnable human – I guess that I too, am addicted.

Again – from a world with MILLIONS of rabbit holes – another thing for me to be addicted to. Anyway –

Many, many of the members are pros. Meaning fluent in the language, familiar with the paths and the rabbit holes, and enjoys even the uncomfortable, nearly traumatizing, events that happen in the dating world – only daily! Or more. So the pros KNOW a lot of the words and leanings to get any interactions to that addictive, heart racing feeling of a successful date – over and over again. Seemingly NOT hurting anyone, affecting nothing but feeding the addiction.

Obviously NOT TRUE – because REAL humans very often find their way into the winner’s circle only to find out the WIN was nothing but a loss. And SO the circle of dating app life continues. Some of the humans begin work to become a pro – while others just end up hurt and feeling used EVEN on that anonymous internet!

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