I saw a funny on that internet thing – It WAS funny, reminded me of this toon, but of course I overthought it and here we are today.

Admitting that I am not an animal scientist or researcher the fact that the one-liner joke caught my attention is – well odd.- The joke/line was this: How is porcupine procreation possible? I GOT the joke, but failed to get the answer to that question. (In my brain anyway) Anyone else SEE the rabbit hole there? DON’T WORRY! I did!

How the porcupines ‘did it’ begs MY obvious question – HOW do humans ACTUALLY procreate? I mean, not only is the path TO the bedroom riddled with land-mines, but so are the foreplay, the lubrication (pardon the pun), the ACT, the post coitus, the ALIVE post coitus post coitus, the inevitable social, and MAYBE the bizarre decision to wade into the landmines AGAIN – knowing the potential results.

And here we are. You MAY have wasted almost two minutes of you life reading this post – But i HAVE saved you a trip through all the landmines. And a whole lot of embarrassment after your amazing 2 minutes of the sex.

Anyway, how exactly do the porcupines do IT?

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