Sometimes It’s Silence %^#@?*&!!

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(((This one. A scoop! I’m the ONLY one! Ok you too now))

Another look at your relationship – whichever kind – ONLY catch: It’s for exclusive and good friendship relationships and maybe will bleed into familial ties too.
It is not like me to recommend SILENCE for much…BUT when I do… I just do.

Ever suspect your partner of lying? Evasiveness? Cheating? For THAT matter…Do you want a promotion and don’t know how to ask? Or think you deserve a better letter grade for a school/college/university project?
Your KEY to ALL of the above?

And HERE is why.
It may be a fatal human flaw…Or maybe just a fatal COMMUNICATION flaw. Human beings. Nearly ALL human beings (except YOU if you follow my lead here! And NO I am NOT teaching anyone HOW to lie more effectively. The opposite actually) So pay attention gals and guys. (Rabbits and Squirrels) Squirrels just TRY to keep up – and read it again if need be.
Most humans CANNOT sit in silence. Silence is SO awkward for the human brain that it just can’t let it happen. Even if it’s only gibberish, a human will speak, laugh, any other utterance or noise just to avoid it. FACT.

SO, knowing that, DO THIS when you want to find out anything. Pay attention kids! (This is the part of our story where I EXPLAIN the point to you.)

The problem you face: You think your partner (Rabbit OR Squirrel) cheated on you last Saturday night. Whether on good authority or you’re just jealous – HERE is how you get the truth Every. Single. Time. You’re going to ask ONE question. Formulate the ONE question in advance so you don’t screw it up! You want it to be both vague AND specific, with defined parts. Without any further explanations….the Question:
Something like this: “When you were out with friends on Saturday, after all your drunken friends and you left the bar…Why did you head over to that guy’s/girl’s place, have sex, and spend the night all tangled up in one another?” The shorter the question the better – as to not allow for argument on details, accusations etc. When you reach the end of your question, SHUT UP! Do not say another word until you’ve gotten an answer.

Silence is your only friend right now. Remember back up there a ways? Humans HAVE to fill silence. HAVE TO. So leave it SILENT! Now the other side will ask questions – DON’T answer any of them. They will try to change the subject, voice objections, make accusations, and even accuse you of the same thing. (Pay attention to details as you silently sit unresponsive. Their accusations and details of those accusations will tell you the story of Saturday night. Just note them – don’t outwardly acknowledge them.

Still silent they must talk. Whether in circles or squares – they will attempt to MAKE you talk. Nope. It will eventually lead to the word BUT. Now you really pay attention cause the TRUTH is on it’s way. You might not BELIEVE or LIKE the things said but stay SHUT UP.

And THAT’S IT. There. Is the truth – Turns out – It WAS out there. Use your new power carefully! If you get the concept – its applications are nearly limitless.

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