Survivors’ Remorse

I wish I’d…

A long post – where it usually isn’t. I had composed a long diatribe about the selfish among us. It was saddening, it was remorseful, and it was straight out the rib-box – the heart shaped box. So WHY am I not writing that version of this post? Because friends, because it, like me today, IT was filled with anger, with hate, with me screaming into the void that I shouldn’t HAVE to remember. If you want to read that version of the post…Shoot me an email let me know WHY you want to read my anger. Or don’t. Doesn’t matter cause I’ll send it to you anyway. It hurts. Instead I am just riffing. Here it is, off-the-cuff.

Hold your family, friends, almost-friends, and notsomuch friends close. Call them. Often. And if you can’t ACTUALLY hold them – Call ‘em again! Now dammits. WAY beyond what you think mights be too much/many.

What was long – I just riffed in half and more. My hug: For every eye reading this, please accept it – My only ask in return for this free virtual hug – is to PASS IT ON! A relatively easy ask – SO THAT YOU don’t have to say the words that I am saying today and tonight and probably a LONG time to come.

I wish I’d…


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