sapiophile, sapiosexual, and the Unique Art of Stupidity.

A sapiophile is someone who is attracted to intelligence or intelligent people. This attraction can be romantic, friendship, and/or sexual.

A sapiosexual person is someone who finds intelligence ‘sexually’ attractive.
And sapiophiles are generally intelligent themselves.

Nearly EVERY TIME I hear or read sapiosexual, or see or hear somebody talking about that or sapiophile – they are getting it wrong. Sort of like ‘they’re and their and there.’ Only worse.

Anyway…over there on the twitter – some SERIOUSLY use the app like a dating site as he mentions below. And I was reading this guy’s twitter bio thing – and this is a portion what it said:

wait – PRO-tip. One without a law degree would think that the tweets (once you tweet them,) become public domain – but NOPE – if you TWEET it – it’s all yours for like 160 years or something. Squirrel! Rabbit! Anyway…If you did not ‘get’ what I just said — No worries – it can be left up there and basically forgotten. It’s only a PRO-tip if you are sapio and you really, REALLY, care.

The bio: “I am a sapiopile. If your a sapiophile too im your man. I like you educated and wise beyond youre years. This isn’t a dating profile so lets talk about something else. Like my funny tweets!”

Originally somewhere on the

Honestly…my head exploded again writing that. It just keeps popping! So one last head explode as we talk the profile.

As defined up at the top – sapiophile – sorta-like intelligent‽ !?

DUDE. For an intelligent guy looking for an intelligent grrrl, and a girl…one of you is an idiot – and we’ve heard NOTHING from her. THUS Mr. Sapio…. do the math. Your little blurb up there one part at a time. You spelled ‘sapiophile’ WRONG. You spelled ‘your’ WRONG. Missed the comma after too. Spelled ‘I’m’ WRONG. AGAIN spelled ‘your’ WRONG. Spelled ‘let’s’ WRONG.

DUDE. For an intelligent guy…You’re an idiot. Idiot.

Boy meets Girl ¿¿

Approx. Read.
2:00 minutes.

I’ve been seeing some ‘patterns’ over there on the Twitter – DATING habits and others. Now this will be about the first date or first ‘meet’ and forward. (Not the MEETING on Twitter parts)It’s broken down into the BOY part (what the boy tweets) and the GIRL part (what the girl tweets), on the same day. I’m confused – but you’ll get it.

Boy: Might fuck around and get drunk and dance

Girl: Might fuck around and get crazy with the girls! And butt-stuff of course.


NEXT DAY (Saturday)


Boy: Fucked around! Met a hottie and drank the club dry! Feeling it today.

Girl: Crushing the feelings and you today!


NEXT DAY (Sunday)


Boy: Oh man! What a weekend! Tied another on last night. Now ima hoping for a Monday!

Girl: Oh man! Didn’t see you last night. Still want to kiss you and see you and feel you today! I crave you AND I’m not sorry!


NEXT DAY (Monday)



Girl: Friday is only a week away! And I’m awaiting your touch!

Now I am sure you are seeing what I saw in all that. But there is always more. The boy and girl parts CAN and ARE interchangeable and ARE SO often.

The sum, as I interpret it, – Boy meets girl – but not THAT girl. Girl meets A boy – just not THAT boy.

The question I present to the salon:

Did said boy and said girl ever actually meet?

ask me. Anything – ask jaxasms

I put out the call here and over on the twitter for some #askjaxasms questions. An Ask Me Anything sort thing.


I got a couple questions so here they are. For the most part I will leave names out unless you ask me to use them. Kinda the ‘reverse’ of how it’s usually done – but this isn’t so much usual is it? Look at me asking YOU questions! OK, I will move along. YOUR questions.

1. I am reading a book about Anne Frank. Wondering why she was hiding when she could have left a long time before? -Anonymous

Well Anonymous. Really? How the hell should I know? I know that I SAID ask me ANYTHING – but this century would be good? Please?

2. Hey jax! After spending his quarantine days on his phone and twitter, my husband has it in his mind that he and I should be having sex anally. Why and should I do it? -Kalley. (She asked me to use her name)

Anyway…Kalley. On your husband’s mind. Ummm yea? It’s probably the only place he has yet to stick his… (Penis for the under 18’s)so yea he thinks about it. I hear it’s fun – so use LOTS of lube and DO IT! Anal is most guys’ Everest. The forbidden conquest. That’s IT. That’s why he wants to. If he were to “talk” about it BEFORE the act – or have you draw a picture of the act or have you explain what happens ‘down there’ that it’s NOT rainbows, lollipops, and fruit juice rain showers. USUALLY you’d head off any further talk (except that empty ‘dirty’ talk) after having THAT HONEST conversation but – again because he has NOT done it before and is NOT in the same galaxy as reality – he’ll ‘plod along.

So Kallie – thanks.


The ‘I Love You’ LIE

This post may dart around a bit – BUT follow the bouncing ball.

I love you 😍 💗 💕 ❤️ – Where do I start? Simple then complicated or complicated then complicated. Probably.
MY take:

‘I love you’ has become a placeholder. It’s what we humans say to our partners – lovers – WHEN WE RUN OUT OF OTHER ‘NICE’ WORDS TO SAY. That will be another (separate) post to come. ALL of our relationships of significance, family included, seem to be based on LIES. As a society, I can sum with a popular trope of late – “It’s okay to not be okay.” Sounds inspirational and wonderful – BUT – It’s NOT okay to NOT be okay. A bit of proof –
South of the border stats, but a good indicator of the rest of the planet…
Up to, and including most of 2020: nearly 35% of adults and 42% of young people are in the care of mental health professionals. AND stats say MORE OF US SHOULD be in care. Over 50% are on a single antidepressant – add another 25% that are on MULTIPLE antidepressants.
My only point there being – Clearly it is NOT okay or 75% of us wouldn’t be in care and on pills – The ONLY ones okay? Drug companies and…yea NOT HERE with that!

BACK on topic. You can almost schedule the time when ‘I love you’s’ are said. It’s the part where all the cutesy stuff is getting older – that things are rekindled a little because you’ve already said the other stuff and ‘I love you” fills that gap nicely.

How bout this my friends – I’m going to turn off the negative and roll up to the end of the post with a happy (nearly) observation(s)…

I LOVE YOUSTILL MEANS I love you. I know it – you know it – instead of using the words in LAZINESS – We SHOULD use them for the ORIGINAL intent –

Love… no?