The ‘I Love You’ LIE

This post may dart around a bit – BUT follow the bouncing ball.

I love you 😍 💗 💕 ❤️ – Where do I start? Simple then complicated or complicated then complicated. Probably.
MY take:

‘I love you’ has become a placeholder. It’s what we humans say to our partners – lovers – WHEN WE RUN OUT OF OTHER ‘NICE’ WORDS TO SAY. That will be another (separate) post to come. ALL of our relationships of significance, family included, seem to be based on LIES. As a society, I can sum with a popular trope of late – “It’s okay to not be okay.” Sounds inspirational and wonderful – BUT – It’s NOT okay to NOT be okay. A bit of proof –
South of the border stats, but a good indicator of the rest of the planet…
Up to, and including most of 2020: nearly 35% of adults and 42% of young people are in the care of mental health professionals. AND stats say MORE OF US SHOULD be in care. Over 50% are on a single antidepressant – add another 25% that are on MULTIPLE antidepressants.
My only point there being – Clearly it is NOT okay or 75% of us wouldn’t be in care and on pills – The ONLY ones okay? Drug companies and…yea NOT HERE with that!

BACK on topic. You can almost schedule the time when ‘I love you’s’ are said. It’s the part where all the cutesy stuff is getting older – that things are rekindled a little because you’ve already said the other stuff and ‘I love you” fills that gap nicely.

How bout this my friends – I’m going to turn off the negative and roll up to the end of the post with a happy (nearly) observation(s)…

I LOVE YOUSTILL MEANS I love you. I know it – you know it – instead of using the words in LAZINESS – We SHOULD use them for the ORIGINAL intent –

Love… no?

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