Boy meets Girl ¿¿

Approx. Read.
2:00 minutes.

I’ve been seeing some ‘patterns’ over there on the Twitter – DATING habits and others. Now this will be about the first date or first ‘meet’ and forward. (Not the MEETING on Twitter parts)It’s broken down into the BOY part (what the boy tweets) and the GIRL part (what the girl tweets), on the same day. I’m confused – but you’ll get it.

Boy: Might fuck around and get drunk and dance

Girl: Might fuck around and get crazy with the girls! And butt-stuff of course.


NEXT DAY (Saturday)


Boy: Fucked around! Met a hottie and drank the club dry! Feeling it today.

Girl: Crushing the feelings and you today!


NEXT DAY (Sunday)


Boy: Oh man! What a weekend! Tied another on last night. Now ima hoping for a Monday!

Girl: Oh man! Didn’t see you last night. Still want to kiss you and see you and feel you today! I crave you AND I’m not sorry!


NEXT DAY (Monday)



Girl: Friday is only a week away! And I’m awaiting your touch!

Now I am sure you are seeing what I saw in all that. But there is always more. The boy and girl parts CAN and ARE interchangeable and ARE SO often.

The sum, as I interpret it, – Boy meets girl – but not THAT girl. Girl meets A boy – just not THAT boy.

The question I present to the salon:

Did said boy and said girl ever actually meet?

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