Shack Wacky

A little long this one, but.

This isn’t what was expected, or meant, but…
I found it! Finally found the post. For Shack Wacky.

Choice, choice, choice. It’s what we thought we wanted – what we made for today – from peanut butter to SUV’s – we now have so many choices for everything – that it’s killing us.
Where is the insanity of our choice most dramatic – yet perfect? Where the choices are NOT a benefit?

Choices are killing LOVE. Choice is killing LOVE.
Much like shelf after shelf of peanut butter, or feature after feature in an SUV – we now have shelf after shelf – feature after feature – OF LOVE.
WRONG! You say? How bout this?…

You were out on a date last night for dinner. It went GREAT! You’re making plans today to go out again! But before the plans for another date are made BOTH OF YOU have killed ANY chances, with choice

How? You say? Well both of you, sometimes, or one of you, EVERY time – NOT EVEN AN HOUR AFTER THE DATE – are on a dating, hook-up, or porn site browsing choices.

Please don’t bother sending me a letter or email or DM on a dating site saying that it isn’t true. Because I asked PornHub – and they agreed – it is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT FACT!!

Does it make sense? Any of it? NO!
Is there a name for this? THERE IS NOW!

Shack Wacky!
and CHECK.

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