Seven-Somethings – ONE

A new, almost olden, feature-similar, might-be-regular-like, series-imitating post(s). Depending on YOU liking it (Send me a note and let me know what you think) or you hating it, I will determine how often to post a ‘Seven-Somethings’ post for your eyes’ consumption.

How will it work? GREAT question! You are brilliant!

I will introduce the topic, or story, or theory, or thought, or complaint, or suggestion, or bitch, or moan – you get it. Anyway…After the introduction, will be a list called The Seven-Somethings. How-to’s, how NOT-to’s, what to-do’s, what not-to-do’s…and MANY cracks about common sense, common stupid, uncommon ideas or suggestions. Like a Top-10 list – only jam-packed with information, tips, suggestions, etc. in a format of Seven or 7.

Don’t stank on my attempt to explain this – just consume SEVEN, on the regular. And here’s the first list-of-seven for your critique or compliment. DON’T FORGET to pass along your thoughts and suggestions – even if you want to list them in sevens.

And now. A Sevens:

Seven-Somethings of Seven-Somethings for Seven-Somethings about Seven-Somethings.

SEVEN: Even I am sick of the word ‘seven’ in this post

SIX: Nearly every issue is based on, or is perpetuated by, LIES

FIVE: New word-of-the-month, ‘transparency,’ might be the LEAST transparent and MOST manipulative word/position/picture EVER

FOUR: This is, without exception, 4

THREE: As proof of 4, I present 3.

TWO: Proof of life is ALWAYS involved in hostage situations. SO the next time I kidnap someone and demand cash – to assist me – I SHOULD record a proof-of-life BEFORE negotiations start and/or things get heated in case the proof of life becomes impossible.

ONE: Financial Advice: For the sake, and benefit, of your future and your bank account – number 2 is the MOST important note in this ENTIRE post.

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