A Life Bored?

So jack (me) is writing a book. I’ve started writing a couple different books on a couple different occasions in the past. ONE of those books was not much more than copy and paste of my previous blog/website. BUT not a single one of those books was ever finished, before I moved on to the next thing.

This latest endeavour is kind of about…No. It’s totally about that and this:

Early in my life I learned a VERY valuable lesson that SHOULD have successfully guided me to thousands of successes through life. In fact, what that lesson should have done – DID – the exact opposite. I was/am unsuccessful at everything. Or at best, not successful. From the (still in) first chapters drafts. This:

Of the very few LEARNEDS I learned – at least what should have been most valuable of them all was that I learned to OBSERVE.

Please forgive the sheer volume of times I say ‘learned’ in this post. Thanks!

ANYway. I observe nearly everything around me, all of the time. I call it my blessing and my curse. My blessing because I pay attention which should lead me to doing the ‘right things.’ I believe what I call my absolute truth that ‘everybody lies.’ which is basically the opposite of right – I see the lies (all of them) and when a person is not lying – I KNOW they will shortly.

Back to mine own shortcomings. I learned HOW to be somebody, I just never actually be’d somebody. I play one on camera, on social media, and one on the intraweb, just not in the real world.

On paper (so to speak) I learned quite a number of things! I learned how to be a husband, father, son, musician, writer, money maker, friend, and boyfriend. I said learned HOW – I just never DID.

The sum? I have a cranium FULL of learned subjects, people, places, things, feelings, books, sentences, hopes, dreams, disappointments, facks, fallacies, totally useless information – and much more.

Another sum? This one a bit more on-topic. My observations as both blessings and curses are to other people very much the same. Blessings in that I remember the important and simple things about them and a curse because I remember the important and simple things about them.

And the book. I know HOW to write a book. I know WHY I want to write a book. And I know exactly what said book will be about. BUT, like all of my learneds up there, I learned HOW, WHY, WHAT, WHO, and WHERE the book – I have not just yet been able to be.

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