Just in case you find this SUV crashed in a ditch, on fire, or WORSE YET, in the freeway fast lane…There’s a Baby on Board

Can ANYONE out there on the planet earth, explain the picture above to me? I don’t get it. I GET the quite literal meaning, what I guess I DON’T get is ‘WHY?’ If you have one of these in your vehicle please write me and tell me why. Because this story is definitely attacking YOU.

I have kids. However even in that context, I’m not following the logic. What follows is my notsomuch common common sense possible understanding of the sign.

1. There IS a baby in your SUV. If that is the case – My question is SO? Why are you telling me this? I’m working on keeping this piece of flying metal, at 100 km’s, on the road – out of the ditch, AND not die in doing so. SERIOUSLY, why do I need to know what you’re carrying in your SUV?

Should there then be a sign(s) beside this one saying 30-something adult, 30-something another adult, Golden Lab Retriever with hind leg issues,3 Venti Mocha Frappuccino’s without whipped cream in the cup holders up front,3 empty, not yet made it to recycling Venti Mocha Frappuccino plastic cups in rear cup holders, One city, and one country road map in the glove box – though we use Google Maps as we’re driving at 100+km’s with a baby on board, work bag with steel toed boots, man purse (Murse) with wallet, house keys, and parking pass within, gym bag with dirty gym clothes contained therein – along with gym membership paperwork which has yet to be used (But looks good on my keychain and rear view mirror) since its purchase this time last year, $3.35 (one toonie, one loonie, one quarter, and one dime) in the auto ashtray, which by the way – WHO are the ashtrays in cars for anyway? Much less airplanes and long commute busses too? One bag of used, overthought, thoughts – One car-jack and tools – BCAA membership card to fix flat tires – and a ‘tire-gauge?’ About a 1/2 kg of sand tracked inside from beach trips to the cabin at the lake about two hours outside of the city, because I am pretentious and had some cash left on the back end of my overstretched line of credit that was burning a hole in my fanny pack, a FIRE extinguisher that my grandpa Joe gave me back in the 30’s (well not me per se – to my father for his tri-colour Pontiac station wagon, like the one Clark Griswold and his family were driving in that movie Christmas Vacation – when he drives under that moving semi-trailer truck on the highway! And his cousin Eddie, played by that guy Randy Quaid! Older brother of Dennis Quaid who was in a bunch of cool movies a while ago – and of course the Seinfeld woman that lived next door – not Kramer next door to Jerry – but next door to the end nd in that scene where cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid. Brother of Dennis Quaid in – wait, I think I said that already) anyway cousin Eddie is emptying the sewage from his RV Home into the storm sewer on the Seinfeld lady’s property in his bath robe! OHH funny stuff.

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