Declare your Depravity

Ummm do I NEED to explain? Imagination?

This is the introduction to a *new* little feature that will ALSO be a DAY here in the world of jaxasms.

– seVensome7hings – will look at a topic, concept, idea, or thought, and break it down into sevens. The subsequent seVens will try to achieve one of two things common-sensically. Understanding or further Confusing.

Understand? Confused?

Easy though. Let’s all try to combine our collective cranium contents and rename the days of the week. Well maybe just nickname the days.

I will give you a head start of sorts – I named Sunday – and the other six days of the seVensome7things are YOURS!

Sundays will become for the rest of days:

seVensome7hingsSunday(s) ((last S optional))

seVensome7hingssundays ✅

NOW it’s yours!! Please. Where are the manners I learned right? Leave a note below in the comments – or send an email to either or and your solutions will appear here! Well NOT here – in ANOTHER posting, on this site.

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