by jacK: staffwriter (jaxasms.ca)

That is NOT the word you may think it is on first glance! OBVIOUSLY I made it up – but it looks different than what it means. I REALLY ought to build a dictionary of jaxasms eh?
ANYway each one of my ‘WonderaBootens’ have resulted in hours of my time spent…well…wonderabooten em. FYI wonderabooten in English? In English it means ‘Wonder-abouts’

Just like an earworm – I am passing them on to you! You’re welcome? Ha?

So with ALL of these – just stop and think about em for a second – Longer if your brain works similar to mine! My list of ‘wonderabootens:’ Even a bit of that notsomuch common sense.

Milk goes bad on the counter AND in the fridge after a certain date right? Ummm WHY THEN doesn’t it go bad in the cow?

Disposable razors! Great little plastic things right? Ummm HOW MANY times do you use a disposable razor – before disposing of it?

Drive-Thru bank machines. Why is there braille on the keypad?

A LOT of you exercise and stay in shape daily right? GOOD ON YOU! BUT…There are a few goals in doing all that work – one being to FEEL BETTER TODAY – Another is to stave off death for a few extra years. My wonderabooten here is this: All those months and years spent exercising and taking care of yourself to buy you extra life-time is more than LIKELY – USED UP in doing it? Ammirite? No?

Ever blow in your dog’s face, or watch someone else do it? They EFFIN HATE it right? Ummm so WHY is holding it’s head out a car window one of a dog’s FAVOURITE things to do?

You know your wool/cotton clothing, bedding, and stuff? You know how most of those shrink when you wash them right? Ummm – WHY don’t sheep shrink when it rains? (Try saying that last sentence over and over real fast!)

ANYway – again – Ever watch your wife, partner, brother, sister, or friend put on mascara? Ever wonder WHY they have their mouths open while doing it?

Why is there a floatation device under your seat on an airplane? Or WHY are there seat belts on that plane? Ummm – wouldn’t a parachute make, at least a little, more sense? effinduh!?

WHY is a moustache attractive on men – yet revolting on a woman?

What is the difference between a curtain and a drape? or a lollipop and a sucker?

A couple of bullet questions to finish my thoughts?

  • At what age, exactly, does someone BECOME elderly?
  • WHY is the lid on a coffin nailed shut?

    AND lastly on THIS EDITION…
  • Do our pets have names for US?

Thoughts? Additions? Send me a note and I will add them! See you in the Next… list!


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