For those who are paying attention, today I am introducing – officially – 3 contributors to You’ve already seen snippets of their stuff here and there but NOW we’ll be publishing full pieces and co-pieces bearing their names.

more my (ugly) mug

And I present:

Dr. Susesk – *Almost poetic writer
Mick Cooper – Simply simple guy
Billy Hill – History Teacher

I DO want to make a couple of observations however – All 3 are guys. Only a couple of the grrrl persuasion have submitted some work. One was from a good writer who told me that her common-sensical view on life was (using HER word) absolute. FYI: What that meant was that her view was the ONLY logical explanation of logic, hence, common sense.
While I admire her willingness to take a solid position, and express a solid opinion – AND acknowledge that her writing chops were well above mine, AND that a comedic flair CAN BE learned. The ABSOLUTE position that she was right and everyone else is wrong (no matter HOW well written) is just WRONG. Before writing ANYTHING here – I HAVE TO realize that a million writers can do this better than I – and a million more writers are a helluva lot MORE funny than I. Bottom line – You gotta ADMIT when you’re wrong and be okay with that – you gotta ADMIT that you’re wrong a lot – AFTERALL – this is entertaining OPINIONS, NOT a textbook.

And the other person…was just a terrible writer. Not that ANYONE should completely rely on MY dumass assessment of their writing. Like I said up there, I am wrong A LOT. But her writing was THAT bad. Her grandma likely returned any of her letters to sender – as to NOT associate with the clear breakdown and abuse of the English language. AND ignore the fact that her family lineage had degraded the family’s collective brainwave function down to absolute zero. Degrees.

“Did someone say smartererest?

Keep your work coming! I really DO want to replace some of the testosterone here with the generally more evolved, more educated, and just downright smartererness of a grrrl.

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