5 Tips to TRASH Your Addiction to Social Media

Image credit: cartoonstock.com

There are approximately 4 billion social media users in 2021 which is about half of the world’s entire population (51% to be ABSOLUTELY PRECISE)
People Spend An Average of 2 Hours And 23 Minutes On Social Media Per Day. YIKES!!

So TRASHING YOUR addiction goes like THIS!

1. Your computer, laptop, tablet, and phone: TRASH. Literally. Get rid of everything that connects you to the internet.

2. Your job or work: QUIT. Literally. That place is a cesspool of intranet temptations. Your employment is a ‘gateway-drug’ on every level.

3. Another ‘gateway-drug’ – YOUR FRIENDS. In both real and internet life. DITCH ‘em all. Obvious reasons.

4. T.V./Radio, newspapers, magazines: CANCEL. This goes for trips to the grocery store, mall, and anywhere in public. All of these serve as obvious temptations.

5. Church, the East Coast Bass Hunters Club, Volunteering at the local Food Bank, church groups, and street hockey with the neighbourhood: STOP! Same goes for school fundraisers, PAC, and neighbourhood watch and volunteering. STOP all that!

Make sure you STAY in your social media free bubble. Sometimes it’s only one of those 5 that keeps you SAFE from the intranet – but sometimes it’s ALL of them.

these are hash-browns.

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