Tell Me a Story! [and shock/freak/scare the hell/FAEX out of other readers!!]

This story is ALL aboot YOU! Well BY you. Yes, BY. TELL ME A STORY. Oh manners. Please. A few guidelines though – The story must be a fairly short story. (About the usual post length) And it has to be nothing else BUT YOURS. True/Lies. Heartfelt/Cold. Funny/Gloomy. Happy/Sad. Doesn’t matter for a submission.Continue reading “Tell Me a Story! [and shock/freak/scare the hell/FAEX out of other readers!!]”

What’s THAT word again?

I know! Wait. Nope i don’t. Well if it COULD go wrong on the it HAS. You are here so at least part my house is working. i will continue to work on the house – hopefully the will help to solve the other stuff. AND on THAT note – look for storiesContinue reading “What’s THAT word again?”

your PERFECT life-plan [or just day-plan if you wish]

by jacK: staffwriter ( IF you follow ALL of these steps. by jacK – staffwriter Get up in the morning tomorrow, get dressed appropriately – and go to the job you’d like to have. When you arrive, start working. DO NOT stop working until the police arrive to remove you from the building. Be removed,Continue reading “your PERFECT life-plan [or just day-plan if you wish]”

How exactly are humans NOT extinct?

Space travel. Submarines. Super-Computers. ALL created by a species that needs a warning label on carcinogenic cigarettes and HOT coffee? Say whatnow? I present to you a product that you BUY to stick in your ear, that a company manufactures in order TO stick in your ear – complete with instructions on HOW to useContinue reading “How exactly are humans NOT extinct?”


THANK YOU KIDS! While i was NOT paying attention this weekend – we here at STARTED celebrating hit number ten thousand last night. 10,002 this morning when I signed in to be exact. So – thanks again kids! Some great stuff coming this week which means I will see you soon! This intranet thingContinue reading “10,002”