In Latin – It’s Okay. Right? [part one]

Ok. So I found some university books (why would anyone have THESE books if not for pretentious degrees!? ANYWHO (m) This is the LATIN phrase that dragged me into the rabbit hole. And I am sure you’ll see why! “Quid infantes sumas” The english translation? It is “What?! Are we babies?” I KNOW RIGHT!?So intoContinue reading “In Latin – It’s Okay. Right? [part one]”

Unprecedented NOTHINGS! [Disputed Facts, Fake News, NSFW – BBW’s.] {Nearly}

Pandemic catch-phrases, NSFW buzzwords-but-why’s, 18+ ID should-be requirements for Disney + and a Crave? Back in unprecedented news… My brain hurts just getting that title and introduction out of my head. I wrote it and still had to read, re-read, and start over 4 times to get to here. And now here…As we’ve hearded aContinue reading “Unprecedented NOTHINGS! [Disputed Facts, Fake News, NSFW – BBW’s.] {Nearly}”

Changes to Only Fans and PornHub Over and Under Blown [Pun Intended]

by: jacK (staffwriter)<satires> Many [mostly men] people who were worried by recent leaking stories about the removal of porn from mostly porn sites Only Fans, PornHub, and Netflix can pant a little easier this weekend after speaks with insiders familiar with pornography, videos, and skate-boarding who say ‘HOLD TIGHT’ as the report appearsContinue reading “Changes to Only Fans and PornHub Over and Under Blown [Pun Intended]”