In Latin – It’s Okay. Right? [part one]

There ARE some swears

Ok. So I found some university books (why would anyone have THESE books if not for pretentious degrees!?


This is the LATIN phrase that dragged me into the rabbit hole. And I am sure you’ll see why!
“Quid infantes sumas”

The english translation? It is “What?! Are we babies?”
So into the rabbit hole of Latin phrases of the – ummm – absurd? I strolled…

This one I use almost daily and many humans haven’t even seen it: My favourite: “Vade Retro Me, Santana.”

In the english: “Get off my back, Satan.”

And here’s the latinny list…

Latin: Felix culpa
English: Happy Accident

Latin: Perite
English: Fvck off.

Fac ut vivas
Get a life

Die dulci fruere
Have a nice day

Qualem muleirculam!
What a bimbo

Qualem blennum!
What a doofus!

Puto vos esse molestissimos
I think that you are very annoying

Morologus es!
You’re talking like a moron!

Te futueo et caballum tuum
Screw you and the horse you rode in on

And that brings us to the conclusion of part one. Part two is next time! In a few of days.

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