The *new* maybe **

As you have noticed – there’s a new face on the same old garbage! I wanted to revamp the site – make it all sexy and sh!t – easier to get around in and out – a bit more user friendly – I know blah blah blah. As reader numbers have grown rather rapidly in the past year, I wanted to make it all ‘better’ for the readers.

I’ve done that – but NOT how I wanted. Turns out, it turned out, that I could NOT build a site while keeping this blog operational. The first had to GO AWAY, then the rebuild could start – and for some (likely OCD et al.) reason I didn’t/couldn’t stop!

Thus the site is NOT how I wanted it. It’s still fairly okay – better than it was anyway!

There’s no moral in this story. Only a weak OCD apology – and I will leave all the other broken-brain excuses/explanations alone and get back to it!

A HUGE thanks goes out to all the new faces here at the! I’m sure it’ll all be back on track come dress-up for A&W coffee day Sunday. My distant mentor Stuart McLean and The Vinyl Cafe – had a name for HIS kaffeeklatsch – I will leave ALL THAT there and let you research it on that all-knowing internet thing that so much of (loosely-put) humanity partakes in.

See you Sunday! I have a Vinyl Cafe loosely-put style letter segment I call Rapid-Fires coming!

*some vinyl cafe stuffs for now…

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