i can’t be the only one…

The concept will be EASY to follow – the content as useless as a movie poster in 2021 – but worth your time reading it cause some of it will be interesting AF.

First up…

I think most humans know this image – either haven’t seen the movie but know about it – or haven’t seen or seen the flick and can’t UNsee it.

i can’t be the only one that thought ‘just one little push.’ – cuz LEO – turns out one of you turns blue in the Atlantic, and it was you.

This picture was taken about a hundred years ago and billed as the world’s first camera. That thing is HUGE! Look at all the humans in that picture! Dwarfed by the camera. Well done humans!

However, i can’t be the only one who thunk:

Who/what took the picture of the world’s first camera? Who took THAT picture up there? And with WHAT did they take it?

The last photo tonight is less of a ‘common sense’ picture – but more of a ‘What is the deal with humans on SO MANY levels?’ level…

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