I ONLY liquored at stoplights

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*a disclaimer of sorts*
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It’s a bizarre world with bizarre characters, absolute brilliance living alongside absolute stupidity. It’s not really working out for humans – but i’m having a blast juss watchin y’all all dance like partially trained monkeys playing monkey games in a kiddie-pool filled with vodka.


Speaking of vodka

This is Ray. Sometimes Ray can be brilliant
meet Ray?

Is Ray legally brilliant? Does Ray have a real good lawyer? Is Ray a drunk? Does Ray wear a tacky mullet? Yes, No, Maybe, and Yes.
I saw this photo on a news site, in an archive of sorts and and I was instantly interested in his brilliant statement. I don’t know if it legally worked or not – I would suspect it DID NOT work – but he maybe should have kicked the charges – if for nothing else – the brilliance in his defence.

You see Ray indeed wasn’t TECHNICALLY drinking and driving (at the same time) but he WAS over the legal limit of total alcohol consumption that evening.

A brilliant try Ray. A+ for creativity. A+ for the fact that EVEN PISS DRUNK your faculties were superior to most. A+ for outwitting the entire human collective – however the drunk driving is still a gigantic fail Ray. Fail

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