BIG announcement!

Well y’all y’all y’all are the first to find out! Well, except me anyway! I guess the voting board of directors over there at the Interweb SarKasms Society too. BUT AFTER me and thems – you’re the FIRST!

The announcement – the ISS has named yours truly – ME – as a member of the upper echelon of the ISS and official Common Sense Guru! Or as my first duty in the new post – I am renaming it ‘notsomuch common-sense guru’

So I guess that makes for new titles on my notsomuch existing business cards! and here on the site and social media #jaXasms @jaXasms! That’s me excited – and the excitement is gone. now past tense. Onward

NEW post coming soon – as promised it’ll be a rapid-fire letter answering thing. I know – more excitement.

So yea… thanks to the Interweb SarKasms Society and all y’all too!

See you soon with the rapid-fires post from your new ‘notsomuch common-sense guru’ – jacK!

💩 says 🌐’s derogatory inferences have irreparably damaged it’s clean reputation

by jacK (staffwriter)

satirical sh!z

In a Notice of Claim filed by Pile of Poo (💩), also known as poomoji, poop emoji, or poo emoji, in Supreme Court alleges that 🌐 (the Internet) willfully attacked 💩’s solid and clean reputation, in addition to that of 💩‘s family and close friends. 💩 says, as a direct result, employment opportunities have vanished, friends have stopped speaking for fear of their good names being called into question, and the shame that has befallen 💩’s family will be be a multi-generational flaming pile of post-it notes and smudge.

💩is also seeking to have it’s copyrighted image, a coiled pile of feces, usually with cartoon eyes and a large smile, removed from the web in future reference and all history searches. The emoji can be used to convey disappointment or disapproval, but also maintains its literal meaning of sh!t.

🌐 the internet has yet to file a statement of defence in the matter and was unavailable for comment prior to the publishing of this story. 🌐 has 30 days to file it’s reply – and when it does – will likely set itself on fire. Which is just a bit ironic as it is usually NOT the internet that is generally associated with flaming.

poo v. internet