BIG announcement!

Well y’all y’all y’all are the first to find out! Well, except me anyway! I guess the voting board of directors over there at the Interweb SarKasms Society too. BUT AFTER me and thems – you’re the FIRST!

The announcement – the ISS has named yours truly – ME – as a member of the upper echelon of the ISS and official Common Sense Guru! Or as my first duty in the new post – I am renaming it ‘notsomuch common-sense guru’

So I guess that makes for new titles on my notsomuch existing business cards! and here on the site and social media #jaXasms @jaXasms! That’s me excited – and the excitement is gone. now past tense. Onward

NEW post coming soon – as promised it’ll be a rapid-fire letter answering thing. I know – more excitement.

So yea… thanks to the Interweb SarKasms Society and all y’all too!

See you soon with the rapid-fires post from your new ‘notsomuch common-sense guru’ – jacK!

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