humanity chess

by jacX- staffwriter (

part of the peoPle stories

humanity chess

humanity chess. do we really need to explain EVERYTHING wrong, funny, and disturbing about the humansX colouring above? GUYS i know you get it. yet guys you still do it?

you’re on the bus or the train. it is quiet – with next to no one commuting at the time. you spot a place to sit and make your way to the seat only to find the person in the seat across from it has their bare feet or shoed feet on the seat – annoyed, you note that the person is also laying across two seats. guess you’re not sitting there.

a few seats away you find the temporary home for your butt – and you sit, take out your book and begin to relax a bit, and read. <<just as a reminder – nearly all of the seats are available>>

two minutes after settling in for the commute another person gets on board and makes their way towards you. you notice that they, too, appear annoyed about the sprawled out commuter with their feet on the seat. you laugh to yourself – and before the smirk can fall from your face, the new person on board finds a seat…

— right beside you with shoulders touching — a little like the urinal cake chess match above.

one more that is very similar –
despite a *bit* of a break in the height of the coVid – humans are back to the same old. let’s imagine for a second you and i and a few other humans are in the express line-up at the grocery store. my message for EVERYONE else in that line with me… you DO KNOW right – that the closer you stand to me – or on me – does NOT make the line move faster?