i did your wifi last night

X 35

you know when you are at the coffee shop and you open up your wifi connection? you generally see a list of (mostly password protected) wifi hubs/hosts/homes? other day i saw a funny NAME for a connection – and it kinda made me think. (and think is what i was doing ANYWAY at 3am!)

here are some of the thinks i thunk at three:

REname your wifi router one of these names and entertain your wifi thieves! OR BETTER YET – you’re funnier than I am – YOU name it and send me the name you named it! please?

1. This is Internet
2. Click Here for Wifi
3. No Internet Access
4. notsomuch Secured
5. No Connections Available
6. Connection Failed
7. Already Connected

8. Loading…
9. Please Wait…
10. error 407 network unavailable
11. MothersMaidenName
12. Password is Password4321 (ALL numbers UPPERcase)
13. Password is Gullible
7. Pretty fly for a wifi

15. Automatically Connected
16. Please re-enter the ccv code on the reverse side of your credit card to confirm your identity
17. Please Note: keystrokes are recorded for training and quality assurance purposes
18. i did Your wifi last night
19. Whyfi?
20. FBI Command Van 13
7. Press 9

22. ONLY
23. Open Sesame
24. Girls Gone Wifi
25. Boys Gone Wifi
26. Wifis Gone
27. DDouble Click to Connect

29. Scooby?
30. virus free! wink wink
31. suPer Highway to Hell
32. Wait Stop! No Go.
33. Think Before Clicking
34. …buffering…
7. …buffering…

thinks i thunk

flawed christmas messages 1

by jacX – staffwriter @(jaXasms.ca)

VERY often – common sense and logic dispel modern beliefs, practices, and lore. all of the christmas stuff that follows this month and a bit neXt…month are NOT ATTACKS on religion, lore, and/or the folks who believe and practice. they are MERELY commonsensical situational observances. <see what we did there!!!?>

anyway – you hafta sing the neXt line – i’m sure you know the tune we are singing!

<it’s the 12 days of christmas for the numptys>

🎶🎶 in the first pic of christmas, The Flintstones said to me, 🎶🎶🤦‍♂️ that timing is every – little – thing🎶