chat g p t and the recipe for ice

in case you haven’t heard, the world is coming to an end, and it’s coming to an end for one reason – and that reason is a small bunch of letters. Those letters – C H A T G P T.

i gotta say – i am notsomuch seeing the hullabaloo… BUT BUT BUT

this thing impersonates YOU, impersonating someone else – to make YOU smrter! sorta. mostly. i think.

my HEADS-UP! for the YOU part

i have been kinda violated! – IN FACT a small bunch of times in the past week. but ju5t HOW does MY violation affect you, and your likely FUTURE violated-ness? that chatGPT bot thing penetrated me – (actually just the website was penetrated) – and they rifled though EVERYTHING!!!

i am NOT actually ‘complaining’ so-much-as i am answering the question you SHOULD ask yourself as you use this bot for ANYthing you might use it for.

the super intelligent, due for world domination, chatGPT, is going to get dumb-dumbs their degrees and doctorates by plagiarizing the work of the internet’s most brilliant! yea.

keep THIS in your mind as you are using the chat gpt to write your law school entrance eXams …

the chatGPT spent two days stealing everything here at your guaranteed entrance to medical or law school will be plagiarizing ME for your eXams and reports et. cetera. i will repeat that for EMPHASIS sake –

that chatgtp thing is going to help YOU plagiarize ME for higher educations and jobs. if you hadn’t already figured this out – here’s breaking neWs? – uhhmmb – jacX. is. a. SIMPLETON.



the brilliant chatgpt will help you impersonate jacX. (that guy up ^^^^^ up there) uhhmmmb DUH

should you rely on the chatgpt? that’s ultimately up to you! BUT i HAVE to FINISH with this…

i LIVE here and i wouldn’t rely on, or trust, jacX and to write a recipe for ice.

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