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Exotica Chiasmus and Wordplay

In no way AT ALL is jack qualified to be dispensing counseling or therapy in ANY way. Really, he is completely dysfunctional when it comes to his own life. He watches that life up close – just doesn’t take an active role. Take all this sh!t with a grain of salt, and consider it smart, sarcastic, and opinionated discourse on almost nothing. Most important – just sit back, relax, like, hate, love, (NOW alphabetically) complain, compliment, comment, collect, forget, forgive, opinion, opine, orgasm, organize, squeeze, sour, sleep, AND make it FUN! Funner, funniest – just havva blast! (Where are my manners?) Please. And I hope that sarcasm is your thing, because it WILL be in most of the words you read.

Sometimes, those who do not socialize, or socialize well, aren’t actually antisocial, they just have little, or no, tolerance for drama or for people in general.

Why is that, there? Because snarkenarf is the why?

Doctorate Degree – sarcasm

Masters Degree – All things useless and obsolete

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