What’s THAT word again?

I know! Wait. Nope i don’t. Well if it COULD go wrong on the jaxasms.ca it HAS. You are here so at least part my house is working. i will continue to work on the house – hopefully the wordpress.com will help to solve the other stuff. AND on THAT note – look for storiesContinue reading “What’s THAT word again?”

your PERFECT life-plan [or just day-plan if you wish]

by jacK: staffwriter (jaxasms.ca) IF you follow ALL of these steps. by jacK – staffwriter Get up in the morning tomorrow, get dressed appropriately – and go to the job you’d like to have. When you arrive, start working. DO NOT stop working until the police arrive to remove you from the building. Be removed,Continue reading “your PERFECT life-plan [or just day-plan if you wish]”

why so effin angry bro?

Probably a question we humans SHOULD be asking ourselves in the morning mirror instead of ego-boosting self flatteries, or on the internet asking which fetish for breakfast on the PornHub this morning. Humans NEED to calm the fvck down. It’s just like the majority of our earthly problems in 2021 (NO. Not covid) – it’sContinue reading “why so effin angry bro?”

Phobias and 499 Other Things

I know that you know all about phobias. If not read or saw a many little quirk – but – experienced aversions to certain things. Sorta on that note – the following is a list, if you don’t suffer from katastichophobia, the fear of lists, of some of the weirdest, insanest, and WTF-est phobias knownContinue reading “Phobias and 499 Other Things”


Butt. From the files of Stupid Is EXACTLY what Stupid Does! Note: ALL of these incidents – ADULTS over 18 years of age. What did these ADULTS do exactly? I’m happy you asked! ALL of the following items were inserted into their ass – AND – ended up in the emergency room as a result.Continue reading “YOU PROBABLY SHOULDN’T PUT THAT IN YOUR…”