Tolkien’s Hierarchy of Creation

Approx. Read Time3:25 A bit of an ‘off-the-cuff’ rant for a Friday. And you might be surprised where it ends up. I was reading about the relatively new ‘delivery’ services being offered, and used, for just about everything! From pizzas to cars to groceries to condoms, everything is delivered. I get the whole covid thingContinue reading “Tolkien’s Hierarchy of Creation”

The Mad Hatter, 3 – From Here On OUT – Called (mostly) a Rant

NEW little ditty – Approximate time it should take you to read the post. I have tried to factor in the ‘confusion factor’ but…. E.T.A. (Time estimate) 2:06 Now this rather long part…That title – up there – I’m not expecting that it made any sense to any one. Looking back MAYBE. All the pro’sContinue reading “The Mad Hatter, 3 – From Here On OUT – Called (mostly) a Rant”