more interesting than. >sex

“An intellectual is a person who’s found one thing that’s more interesting than sex”. — Aldous Huxley It’s like Huxley was trying to tell me…errr. Something? Now that Aldous has captured your attention for me…I have the RESULTS of a kinda boring poll we took, and perhaps MORE telling, a poll YOU participated in! Boo-Ya!Continue reading “more interesting than. >sex”

No PG Scavenger Hunt

Over the course of this pandemic, one little thing I noticed was the extents to which online teachers have gone to keep kids interested in online learning. This got my sometimes childish brain thinking about one of the activities they partooken in. A (various topics) scavenger hunt event was VERY popular with the children, andContinue reading “No PG Scavenger Hunt”

Sciuridae, Sewer Words,

This site, and the space I rent here on the intranet are NOT – I will repeat that for emphasis* – are NOT FREE. *emphasis means to emphasize. What this means is that I PAY to write here and that guy with the donkey he fvcks in livestream, and then blogs to tell you aboutContinue reading “Sciuridae, Sewer Words,”

Plug your eyes and D!tch the Sh!t

Do you – like me – ever listen, or read, or think, and then yell at nearly the top of your lungs – WHAT THE FFFFFugly FFFFug! If so, you’re likely to recognize some of the words, sentences, thoughts, and utterings below. Hopefully I don’t trigger you – but it WOULD be funnerer if IContinue reading “Plug your eyes and D!tch the Sh!t”