Even MORE absurd ‘almost-cliches’ to throw in a dumpster.

Part one of a multiple part series looking at cliches and nearly-cliches that drive me nuts! I will TRY NOT to editorialize a tonne throughout – *Note: I said TRY! “To Be Honest” How it’s generally said and generally heard: “To be honest, I’d rather drink a bottle of bleach than let you bleach myContinue reading “Even MORE absurd ‘almost-cliches’ to throw in a dumpster.”

an irony – a sarCastony – a couple pictures – and some notsomuch nice words

Let’s get it started with a bit of a summary? If not a summary – a possible, maybe probable, an onomatopoeia. your an idiot **millions and millions on that internet thing all the kids are buzzing about onomatopoeia (LOOK AT ALL THOSE VOWELS!) – definitely irony. On all of the social medias i partake in,Continue reading “an irony – a sarCastony – a couple pictures – and some notsomuch nice words”

Morals…and Stüff

by jacK: staffwriter (jaxasms.ca) First quote below is from a CV, second is from an intranet dating site, third is from a local newsletter. ALL of them extolling the virtues of sarcasm. Almost. <Author redacted> “…when my business, family, or personal life is challenged, I sincerely appreciate my unique ability to use sarcasm as aContinue reading “Morals…and Stüff”


by jacK: staffwriter (jaxasms.ca) Oh yea – couple things between now and then. Thing 1 👇 Thing 2 👇👇 Uber-Useless Facks Sometimes. Knowing nothing iswellknowing very little. Most pandas in the world are on LOAN from China The Super Soaker was designed and invented by a NASA engineer (That’s that American rocket science biz –Continue reading “STOOPID FACKS!”