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head. and hip.

by jacX- staffwriter (

TWO! count em – TWO new feature-things today! i can barely count THAT HIGH but i am confident that it’s NOT a problem for you.

the features head. and hip.

i think you’ll figure it out…

let’s get to it with head. NOT THAT sickos.

how this works: read the word and use the word as often as possible in the neXt week – then, the neXt month – then the neXt year – so yea.

now put THIS in your head – and do the homewerk! dammit…

hedonometre or hedonometer or hedonimeter:

a device used to measure happiness or pleasure. that’s it. that’s what it means. go forth and use it – TRY to use the word to make happiness to measure!?

a. hedonometer (source: our friends over there at the twitter!

now hip – it’s hip and notsomuch hip.

someone in your life needs to hear something. howbout YOU say that something to that someone. here’s an idea.

somebody else once said ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’ soooooo justa thought – try – ‘you know something. you are beautiful to me. you are beautiful.’ any variation thereof of course. common sensically – just try it!

sheet cake baby! [old guy still learnen stuff¿]

As you already know – i readily admit when i am wrong, or don’t know something – I’m just very bluntly matter-of-fact. As such (yes that’s how you say it)

I learned a new term today – accidentally – but it was new. For those of you who already KNEW this term – it was happenstance that i happened upon it. It was a public radio show talking about baking. The host either said the term or said something close and it piqued my interest. AKA my slightly heightened OCD and ADD. ALL those acronyms! For those in the need to know (like me)

Back on topic! The term is this: ‘Sheet Cake’ The definition of sheet cake (if you don’t want to follow the link) is this:

Sheet cake aka San Francisco Sheet Cake (aside from the baking definition) is when a heterosexual guy has sex with a heterosexual woman and the pair is sandwiched between two homosexual men. Are you getting the picture here? A LOT of sex is happening in that picture!

I will just leave my new knowledge there – Do with it what you see fit. If it was a good idea for you – happy San Francisco Sheet Caking!

Stupid – Stupid Humans

This Covid thing has provided me with some good, quality, people watching opportunities. I LOVE watching them – Just NOT a fan of talking to them.

ANYway. One city is quarantined – it’s next door neighbour is not. One country is closed down and the US remains open for business. One airline is shut down – while another is there with extra flights.

Call me a dummy, a pessimist, a glass-half-empty, or even an encourager – BUT

Isn’t that like having a ‘pee-section’ in the neighbourhood swimming pool? Well, except the death part.