the top 5 anythings to start your week

Let’s start with #5.

5. The Olympics started and opened last week. I love watching the Olympic snowboarding. But after the first 5 days were done – the announcers informed me these were the summer games and that I’d have to wait until Winter Olympics for that. Shizzy

4. One more from the Olympics. A Japanese girl won a gold medal in skateboarding – and I a waiting out of morbid curiousity for the Olympic version of breakdancing. I KNOW right!

3. Living in western Canada – in case you didn’t notice – the west side of North America is on fire! From Mexico to the frozen north – it’s ALL burning. Might not make it out of all the smoke before the Olympic Snowboarding.

2. Covid 19 getting bad again. World-Wide Bad (WWB) Seriously now – serious before too but… Proof positive now (no more benefit of) without doubt – Human Beings are stupid. Not sure HOW they fvcked this up – but they did. Clearly the herd NEEDS thinning.

And number 1. this week:

1. Humans doing what humans do best. Stupid. And police in England called them just that.

Here the twitter post.

According to police — *idiots* broke into a farm and set a cow free. It ended up on a major highway and wreaked havoc with everything. The police say there were *substantial* MVA’s.

The police said today, “Thanks idiots.”