it’s MAY the 4th!

and you KNOW what day that is right!?

that’s right misFits! it’s anaphalanTiasis awareness day!

so please join with ALL of us here at team in supporting ALL the courageous souls on planets earth and mars suffering this life-altering, costly, and <quite frankly> embarrassing affliction! is NOT asking you for ANY money! nope! all we are asking is that you talk to everyone you know, draw attention to the cause by using your influenzer statuses, and post the eff on all your socials!

that’s it. no money – just your valued and worthy attention.

<<<we SHOULD mention - for those rare humans out there who have NO IDEA about anaphalanTiasis - what EXACTLY the condition is.>>>

anaphalanTiasis is a life changing condition whereinby a human’s eyelashes fall out.

and OH YEA…

May the fourth be with you! 🖖