Various #askjaxasms Stuffs [aka: rapid-fires]

by: jacK staffwriter Hey jacK a great friend of mine always ends up with the guy at the end of the night, instead of me, or unfortunately, in spite of me. why? Sally via #askjaxasms hey back sally!not really sure the answer you’re looking for sally…nor am I even sure you have a question inContinue reading “Various #askjaxasms Stuffs [aka: rapid-fires]”

The Bigfoot. The Chupacabra. The Dinosaurs. The †Raphus Cucullatus†

and The Humans Coming Soon!! by jacK: staffwriter ( The dodo bird. I recently stopped by an old friend’s house for a beverage and dinner with him and his family. First a Caveat — (A caveat is defined as a proviso of specific stipulations, conditions, or limitations. In this case more of an explanation toContinue reading “The Bigfoot. The Chupacabra. The Dinosaurs. The †Raphus Cucullatus†”

What’s THAT word again?

I know! Wait. Nope i don’t. Well if it COULD go wrong on the it HAS. You are here so at least part my house is working. i will continue to work on the house – hopefully the will help to solve the other stuff. AND on THAT note – look for storiesContinue reading “What’s THAT word again?”

How exactly are humans NOT extinct?

Space travel. Submarines. Super-Computers. ALL created by a species that needs a warning label on carcinogenic cigarettes and HOT coffee? Say whatnow? I present to you a product that you BUY to stick in your ear, that a company manufactures in order TO stick in your ear – complete with instructions on HOW to useContinue reading “How exactly are humans NOT extinct?”


THANK YOU KIDS! While i was NOT paying attention this weekend – we here at STARTED celebrating hit number ten thousand last night. 10,002 this morning when I signed in to be exact. So – thanks again kids! Some great stuff coming this week which means I will see you soon! This intranet thingContinue reading “10,002”