miss k. – plague jacX. – and the NEW promo


two additional things worth noting in the ditty above!

two: the dead twitter. i will likely NEVER understand that Elon Musk guy’s plan of spending kabillions of bucks only to BLOW the whole thing UP?

he’s rich – i’m not rich. Elon Musk for the WIN.

one: Czerwona Królowa. <aka Red Queen> <aka miss k.>

she’s beautiful – i’m not beautiful. Czerwona Królowa for the WIN.

head. and hip.

@jaxasms, jaXhaX, wizDumbs

by jacX- staffwriter (jaXasms.ca)

TWO! count em – TWO new feature-things today! i can barely count THAT HIGH but i am confident that it’s NOT a problem for you.

the features head. and hip.

i think you’ll figure it out…

let’s get to it with head. NOT THAT sickos.

how this works: read the word and use the word as often as possible in the neXt week – then, the neXt month – then the neXt year – so yea.

now put THIS in your head – and do the homewerk! dammit…

hedonometre or hedonometer or hedonimeter:

a device used to measure happiness or pleasure. that’s it. that’s what it means. go forth and use it – TRY to use the word to make happiness to measure!?

a. hedonometer (source: our friends over there at the twitter! twitter.com)

now hip – it’s hip and notsomuch hip.

someone in your life needs to hear something. howbout YOU say that something to that someone. here’s an idea.

somebody else once said ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’ soooooo justa thought – try – ‘you know something. you are beautiful to me. you are beautiful.’ any variation thereof of course. common sensically – just try it!