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Another story this week! This one – a story about (mostly daily) WHY’s I am sure you have asked yourself, a family member, a computer screen or yelled out to the sky!

• So milk goes bad on the counter AND in the fridge right? Ummm WHY doesn’t it go bad in the cow?

• Just HOW MANY times do you use a disposable razor – before dispensing of it?

• Drive-thru bank machines – you’ve probably used one right? Ummm WHY is there braille on the keypad?

• I think that it’s safe to say that other than on the top of the head, women do not like body hair – and shave it, and trim it, and bleach it, and burn it, and more. Ummm what about the eyebrows?

• Lots of you excersize and stay in shape every day – largely for the purpose of adding days, weeks, hours, and minutes to your life…and good for you! Buuuut. WHY? When all those hours you gained are more than squandered in the gym?

• Ummmm WHY isn’t there ‘mouse’ flavoured cat food?

• Ever blow in your dog’s face, or watch someone do it? They HATE it right? Ummm WHY? Top shelf on the fun level for dogs is travelling with their heads out the window

• You know your wool and cotton clothing, bedding, and stuff? You know how most of those shrink when you wash them right? Ummmm then WHY don’t sheep shrink when it rains?

WHY do women when they apply mascara – do it with their mouth open?

• Not a WHY – but – Do our pets have NAMES for us?

WHY is there a floatation device under your seat in an airplane and NOT a parachute?

• At what age does someone become elderly?

WHY is a moustache considered attractive on men, and not on women?

• What is the difference between a curtain and a drape?

• Back to air travel for a sec. This one has puzzled me for nearly the entirety of my life! WHY are there seat belts on an airplane and NOT on a bus?

• And further a little there…WHY is the lid of a coffin nailed down/shut?

And finally this day…notsomuch a WHY as a WHAT. However, had I written it a little different I could have quite easily made it a WHY. So it fits?

• What is the difference between a lollipop and a sucker?

sapiophile, sapiosexual, and the Unique Art of Stupidity.

A sapiophile is someone who is attracted to intelligence or intelligent people. This attraction can be romantic, friendship, and/or sexual.

A sapiosexual person is someone who finds intelligence ‘sexually’ attractive.
And sapiophiles are generally intelligent themselves.

Nearly EVERY TIME I hear or read sapiosexual, or see or hear somebody talking about that or sapiophile – they are getting it wrong. Sort of like ‘they’re and their and there.’ Only worse.

Anyway…over there on the twitter – some SERIOUSLY use the app like a dating site as he mentions below. And I was reading this guy’s twitter bio thing – and this is a portion what it said:

wait – PRO-tip. One without a law degree would think that the tweets (once you tweet them,) become public domain – but NOPE – if you TWEET it – it’s all yours for like 160 years or something. Squirrel! Rabbit! Anyway…If you did not ‘get’ what I just said — No worries – it can be left up there and basically forgotten. It’s only a PRO-tip if you are sapio and you really, REALLY, care.

The bio: “I am a sapiopile. If your a sapiophile too im your man. I like you educated and wise beyond youre years. This isn’t a dating profile so lets talk about something else. Like my funny tweets!”

Originally somewhere on the Twitter.com

Honestly…my head exploded again writing that. It just keeps popping! So one last head explode as we talk the profile.

As defined up at the top – sapiophile – sorta-like intelligent‽ !?

DUDE. For an intelligent guy looking for an intelligent grrrl, and a girl…one of you is an idiot – and we’ve heard NOTHING from her. THUS Mr. Sapio…. do the math. Your little blurb up there one part at a time. You spelled ‘sapiophile’ WRONG. You spelled ‘your’ WRONG. Missed the comma after too. Spelled ‘I’m’ WRONG. AGAIN spelled ‘your’ WRONG. Spelled ‘let’s’ WRONG.

DUDE. For an intelligent guy…You’re an idiot. Idiot.

Say WTF!?!?

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THIS is the posting that belongs to Sunday. For you, on a Saturday night. Welllacome to this place all the newbs! And, then, there’s today. Sunday read-an-Weeps.

Well kids. I got nothing. I got. Nothing. Drawed a total blank. So Sunday’s post. FAIL. See y’all soon! Maybe.

How bout a cool pic? Yea? Nah?

A bit far? Too much? Ehh…

Is the SIZE of the pic…ummm… appropriate? On topic though


I saw a funny on that internet thing – It WAS funny, reminded me of this toon, but of course I overthought it and here we are today.

Admitting that I am not an animal scientist or researcher the fact that the one-liner joke caught my attention is – well odd.- The joke/line was this: How is porcupine procreation possible? I GOT the joke, but failed to get the answer to that question. (In my brain anyway) Anyone else SEE the rabbit hole there? DON’T WORRY! I did!

How the porcupines ‘did it’ begs MY obvious question – HOW do humans ACTUALLY procreate? I mean, not only is the path TO the bedroom riddled with land-mines, but so are the foreplay, the lubrication (pardon the pun), the ACT, the post coitus, the ALIVE post coitus post coitus, the inevitable social, and MAYBE the bizarre decision to wade into the landmines AGAIN – knowing the potential results.

And here we are. You MAY have wasted almost two minutes of you life reading this post – But i HAVE saved you a trip through all the landmines. And a whole lot of embarrassment after your amazing 2 minutes of the sex.

Anyway, how exactly do the porcupines do IT?