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For you…A ‘Butt-Load’ **notsomuch useless. facks

notsomuch useless. facks

A “butt load” is an actual unit of measurement, equivalent to 126 gallons.

HOWEVER – a sh!t load is NOT.

Staying with BUTTS for another…

Turtles can breathe out of their butts.

There are more stars in space than there are grains of sand on every beach on Earth.

Peanuts are not nuts. They grow in the ground, so they are technically legumes.

Not once in the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme does it mention that he’s an egg.

The dot over a small case “i” has a name. It is called a “tittle.”

The lint that collects in the bottom of your pockets also has a name. It is called a “gnurr.”

TRY to breathe and swallow at the same time
You can’t.

the sarcmark

The SarcMark (short for “sarcasm mark”) is actually the trademarked creation of a man named Douglas Sak, who markets it as…the official, easy-to-use punctuation mark to emphasize a sarcastic statement or word in writing sans tone.

the world needs sarcastic

Guest Bloggers WANTED/NEEDED!!!!!!

Are YOU, a FRIEND of you, a FRIEND of me, A blogger that wants cross-post opportunities, a WRITER looking to get into blogging, a NON-WRITER looking to blog, a twitterer looking for a side-gig, ANY social influencer/writer looking to expand, plus millions MORE –

If you want a steady, one-off, random, or……….gig – send me a note with a copy of your work, any story ideas relating (very loosely even) to sarcasm, satire, wisdom, wit, funny – to jaxasms@icloud.com – and let’s work together!!

No PG Scavenger Hunt

Over the course of this pandemic, one little thing I noticed was the extents to which online teachers have gone to keep kids interested in online learning. This got my sometimes childish brain thinking about one of the activities they partooken in. A (various topics) scavenger hunt event was VERY popular with the children, and also popular with educators looking for *new* ways to teach the very often ADHD kids science or math.

The last feature I saw was a scavenger hunt for coloured, and various shaped objects in the children’s’ bedrooms. So I thought, OF COURSE, of an adult version of such a project.

So – HERE IT IS! I don’t care WHAT you find in your homes, but I want to hear about what you DID FIND! Whether or not you have roommates or family in your place I want you to scavenge! Not colours or shapes the ONLY criteria I present to you is that it MUST be an item that you keep/store in a hidden like place. A drawer, cupboard, toilet tank, bedside table – a spot that if you had guests in your home – would be hidden from sight.

Whatever is in those places – Tell me what it/they is/are. For fun! TAKE A PICTURE and send it to me! If you wish to remain anonymous – say so in your letter. I’ll only use FIRST names and NO PICS of YOU!

Dial it up! I want to know the TRUTH! Let’s KEEP it on an adult level as not many children frequent a website about SARCASM and DOUBLE/TRIPLE ENTENDRES. Just NOT their thing. I’ll post your photos unless there is something ILLEGAL in them, and I WILL NOT report ANY stories to authority-like figures.

Let’s have some FUN! Send all your details to jaxasms@icloud.com and then watch here for ALL the entertainment I am sure we’ll muster!

HOPEFULLY be forewarned!